Academic life

While many colleges and universities now offer academic support programs for students who learn differently, none compare to Landmark's comprehensive mission and integrated curriculum. Our programs are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and our curriculum is as rigorous as other institutions of higher learning. But Landmark College is different:

Academic life

Josh Herring, in action Academic study brings rich rewards; done right, such study frees the mind to continually learn more about the world through reading, conversation and writing.

Such endeavors, however, carry with them the temptation to live gnostically. No one today accepts the premises of neo-Platonic or Valentinian gnosticism; it is far too easy, however, to live almost entirely in the life of the mind to the detriment of the flesh.

David Hume apocryphally exemplified such a life; he logically proved skepticism to be the most rational position, yet admitted that he could only hold on to his philosophy while sitting alone in his study.

Upon leaving his house, reality and people imposed themselves upon his senses, and he could Academic life longer live consistently with his theories. The academic life can be spent engaging increasing number of books, arguments and individuals solely on an intellectual level.

Academic Life The value of a Catholic school education is immeasurable. Students at Pope Francis Preparatory School receive the best possible education rooted in the Catholic traditions that formed the foundation of our legacy schools. The Doon School’s academic ethos focuses on encouraging the boys to utilise their talents, and develop their intellectual and creative interests so that they remain interesting and interested young men for the rest of their professional and personal lives. Academic life. PhD viva rule is ‘unfair on female academics’ Precarity is a significant feature of the academy worldwide, creating a feeling of ‘academic apartheid’ as it grows. Ellie Bothwell explores its impact. By Ellie Bothwell. 2 August.

And with Academic life practices come the subconscious conviction that the problems of the world are mental in nature. Somehow, if everyone else pursued a Ph.

To grow as a human being, the academic must take thought for cultivating the body alongside the mind. In Ideas Have Consequences, Weaver puts it this way: By restoring balance between the cultivation of the mind and the body one can become a holistically developed person.

We exist as embodied souls, with a spark of eternity in our hearts.

Academic life

The Genesis account of human origins describes God making the flesh out of earth, then breathing in the clay to bring the earth to life.

In this poetic image we see both parts: Parsing out what aspects of humanity fit within the soul and which fit within the body is ultimately a fruitless endeavor; we are always both, and efforts to deal with the mind apart from the body or the body apart from the self cause harm to the human person.

Human flourishing is found in both body and soul. Gnosticism that ignores the flesh and pursues the life of the mind exclusively is the particular danger of the student.

Brazilian jujitsu encapsulates this tension between mind and body well. All martial arts are physical, but BJJ combines physical prowess and stamina with mental agility.

Where other martial arts maintain a lengthy tradition, and mastering the art involves mental comprehension of an abstract past, BJJ is located in the immediate present. There is no room for thinking about how the technique was done by another person in another time: Rather than abstracting toward a past tradition, BJJ draws both mind and body to focus on the concrete present.

After 14 years of academic education exploring history, theology, philosophy and literature, it is a joy to return to the challenge of grappling, to face an opponent and know that mind and body must work in tandem to avoid being choked, joint locked or mounted.Academic Life.


At Dauntsey's, we are proud of our academic reputation and long tradition of exam success. Good grades matter because they are an important step on the way to university and a career, and our examination results have been consistently excellent.

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For a long time, achieving good grades and nothing more has been the ultimate goal in a my academic life. This is a standard that was set centuries ago by "grownups" that needed a way of ranking students based solely on letters or numbers. It only takes doing a few trigger point injections to become comfortable with them and to see how quickly they can provide relief for muscle spasm and myofascial pain.

Academic and Personal Excellence. Taylor Prep’s commitment to academic and personal excellence is spelled out in our mission and vision..

Academic life

Our teachers and our staff believe strongly in the work we are doing and are committed to providing the individual attention needed to ensure students are well prepared for a lifetime of success. Academic Life Coaching (ALC) is on a mission to equip young people with the skills most necessary to thrive and meet current and future challenges.

We offer a one-to-one life coaching program for high school and college students, provided by an ICF (International Coach Federation)-approved life coach. You do not have the necessary permissions to view this page. This page may require you to be logged in.

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